How To Survive (And Enjoy) Wedding Planning During The Pandemic

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What a whirlwind all of this has been, huh? First off, my heart goes out to all the amazing couples out there whose weddings have been affected by the pandemic.

Are you in the midst of planning? Are you about to start the planning process? If so, let’s pause for a moment …

I know, wedding planning is freakin’ stressful, but remember, it is only if you allow it to be. That said, let’s take time this pause to adjust our mindset and keep consistent with what you do best, CELEBRATE. Let's face it ladies, COVID happened. It’s in your power to willingly accept the reality of the situation and run with it. Just think about all of the ways you can improvise while keeping true to the vision at hand!

Here are some ways you can survive (and actually enjoy) wedding planning during the pandemic.

Lists Are Your New Bestie

In a situation such as this, there’s only so much within your power. You must accept reality, dabble with exploration, jumpstart a new approach, uncover the beautiful, gracefully sail along without resistance, and successfully turn this baby around! The event of your dreams still awaits you. Get yourself a pen and some paper, a big glass of wine, and strategize!

Lists are KEY when it comes to planning your big day. When planning a wedding, there needs to be a list of goals in place. What are the goals you’re setting for yourself from now leading up to your big day, when do you need them conquered, and how are you going to go about doing so. To note, don’t focus so much on the HOW as that will configure itself. The most important piece here is that these goals must be realistic, have tasks associated with them, and dates to when they need to be completed.

If you create a list right away, you will eliminate stress and allow for a smooth transition. And, I don’t know about you, but if I see something mapped out in front of me, I’m more likely to feel at ease. You want to have the clearest image of what it is you want and what the steps are to get there. With that said, let’s be proactive NOW to allow for a much more enjoyable process!

Manage Your Budget Like A Boss & Stick To It

Budget .. what’s that?

Budget is overlooked by a lot of couples these days and not on purpose. But, guess what ladies, we aren’t going to let that happen! As it’s not ideal being in the midst of this pandemic, it has allowed us to be more budget-savvy. Weddings are freakin’ expensive, but if we take the time to manage our budgets, we’ll be able to relieve some stress on the money side of things.

Check out this blog post written by Perfect Cents Living for some creative ways to save on your big day! Click here.

But before taking the opportunity to rethink or layout your budget, give yourself a breather! The pandemic has taken a huge toll on us and it’s important to do this before getting back into the craziness of sorting your wedding related expenses. Remember, whether you have to cut costs or not, it will still be just as beautiful! There is so much you can do when it comes to getting creative with the budget and that’s why you can have fun with this. You can use this time to think about what you can eliminate OR add to make it more fitting to your current situation. Every wedding is special in its own way so don’t think about this step as a stressful to-do, think of it as a way to really pinpoint the things you want versus what you need. What’s completely unique to you as a couple? Run with that.

Do It Yourself

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There’s nothing better than a good arts and crafts sesh! What’re some items on your list that you KNOW you can DIY? A suggestion of mine is to get involved with some crafting. You can create your own decor, design your invitations, Pinterest props for your wedding photo booth and so much more. And, IT’S FUN! This not only keeps us in a creative state, but can save us money (another big stressor in play).

Another bonus here is you can invite your close friends and family to social distance craft with you! It will make it all the more special sharing memories such as these with your loved ones. And, if you aren’t one to typically DIY, you’d be surprised just how enjoyable it can be! Get your close friends and family together, throw on your favorite playlist, break out some snacks, and craft!

Keep Health On Track!

As we are all aware, stress leads to unhealthy habits. Both mental and physical health are equally important throughout the planning process. To help stay on top of this, you can practice the following!

Delegate Tasks

Whenever possible, delegate tasks. What family members can pitch in? Can you seek a wedding planner? As for family and close friends, it could be as simple as having someone run an errand for you while you conquer other items on your checklist. Just ask. This will help you enjoy the planning process as you’ll feel relieved to not handle every little thing yourself.

Keep Moving!

There’s no such thing as too much exercise. It’s important we keep those positive juices flowing and exercise is a great way to do so as it acts as a stress-reliever and energy booster. So, sign yourself up for that vinyasa flow or bootcamp. Whatever it might be, it’s worth it.

Eat Clean

What are you consuming everyday? Are you eating well-balanced meals? If not, start. Food and drink is the ultimate fuel to keep those wheels turning! Go ahead and pick out some recipes from your fave sites and take a stab at whipping them up. And now, you and your fiancé can spend nights in the kitchen together cooking some quick and easy meals!

Get Your Beauty Sleep

You’ve got to sleep! You can set an alarm on your phone in which an hour before bed every night it rings and signifies to stop doing anything wedding-related to help give your mind a break. Take a stab at meditation in parallel here as this can provoke sleep. This is extremely important as you never want to start each day with little to no energy. You need a recharge and sleep does just that!

Throw Yourself A House Party

When in doubt, throw your own party! If your wedding was supposed to be in the summer, fire up the grill for an indoor BBQ and get those patties cooking. If your wedding was planned for the fall, create your own flannel and beer tasting event. There’s so much you can do to bring some cheer into the picture. You and your fiancé can enjoy a little celebration just the two of you. Decorate the house, the yard, and get ready to have your own little ceremony/after party in the meantime! Don’t be afraid to get silly with this, it’s supposed to be fun!

Savor Every Moment

Every moment is a precious moment. Priceless. The moments you create throughout this process are ones you can cherish forever. That said, book a night away with your hunny or set aside some time with family.

If restrictions have been released, you can schedule some time to get away. What’s a fancy hotel you’ve been dying to stay? This is a special occasion, so why not go all out. This doesn’t mean that if you can’t get away all hope fails. You can create a weekend long date night in the comfort of your own home. Candlelight dinner, board games and beer, movie night with ALL the candy, you name it!

On another note, make time for your family! Regardless of restrictions, this is still doable. Duh, Zoom or possible social distancing outings! And, keep them looped into your wedding plans. After all, they are just as bummed to cannot see you walk your amazing self down that aisle on your OG date!

Ladies, in closing, the ride will be bumpy at times, but that will make it all the more beautiful. Plus, there’s so much you’ll learn from this. All said and done, stay positive, get yourself organized, do the things that make you happy, and cruise. Get excited as this is YOUR special day! Remember to just have fun and enjoy the beauty of life’s celebrations. You deserve it!

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