Choosing A Wedding Style Perfect For YOU

Are you struggling to find a wedding style that suits YOU? If yes, just know that it’s OK. I gotta’ say, I don’t like the saying “It happens when you least expect it”, but it truly does. Once you get into the groove, it’ll all make more sense and come naturally. For starters, I suggest heading over to Pinterest and creating yourself an inspiration board. Ask yourself, what’s the vibe I'm going for? Vintage, boho, modern chic, farmhouse, etc.? Black tie or lax look/feel? Season?

Before holding my initial consultation with my clients, I encourage them to create a board specific to each style they’re aiming for. You might think you want one style and when you lay things out, it can all change rather quickly. Truthfully, it all comes back to your personalities and what fills your heart with immediate passion. Remember, you can always settle on a basic look and incorporate specifics later on. Don't be afraid to get creative!

You need to stick to your gut, not the "wedding rules" you heard exist through the grapevine.There are no such thing! After all, your wedding is about you and your fiancé, no one else. What do YOU desire? What do you think screams YOU?

Here are some tips to help you choose the perfect wedding style for YOU.

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First Up, Venue

Picking a venue is one of the biggest decisions you will need to make around your wedding. I suggest sitting down with your fiancé and agreeing on what is best fits you as a couple. Is it an industrial building, a castle or mansion, a beach, a backyard? Where do you envision yourselves standing on that very day. What feels the utmost magical to you? I know, it isn’t the easiest when there are SO MANY great options. You might be thinking, “I love all of them”. I hear this all the time from my brides, but you’ll know THE ONE when you step foot on premise. Trust it.

When it comes to touring venues, there are lots of questions to be answered before committing. Because more than 50% of your wedding budget is your venue, you want to make sure your questions are in order beforehand. This is your day and it should be as perfect as it possibly can be. That said, here are the crucial questions you should be asking your venue before booking. Be sure to reference this guide before making any fast decisions!

All The Colors

What are your favorite colors? And, don’t let your mind wander as to whether they go together or not. Honesty, who cares! The best weddings I’ve coordinated are the mix matched ones. There are no rules when it comes to choosing wedding colors. It's all about what works best for you. Remember that. It’s funny (and we are all guilty of it), we go on Pinterest to get inspiration, but sure enough we feel we need to do exactly what others are doing … in your case, other brides. Girlfriend, stepping out of "the standard" is fun! Reds, greens, blues, pinks … let yourself FEEL and then run with that gut feeling.

Music Sets The Tone

GET THIS PARTY STARTED. Music might sound basic, but it's important in setting the tone and creating the vibe. Music loosens up the soul and encourages guests to adapt quicker to the overall atmosphere. It provides a sense of comfort and most evident of all, brings the FUN of it all into existence! That said, create a list of your fave songs (and please note that they can be COMPLETELY random) and get excited about them! You should pick music that compliments you and your fiancé as a couple. From Beyonce to Luther Vandross to hardcore rap (laughing a bit as I type out these out of the blue options), roll with what you’re feeling. You with me? This is about what fits your vibe.

Favors, The Signature Thank You

Ah, wedding favors! I just love these. Favors are so much more than a giveaway. They are a symbol of gratitude, beautiful touch to reception tables, make your guests feel welcomed, and serve as a memorandum that can be savored thereafter. Ask yourself, what would I like as a favor at a wedding? What wedding favors have I gotten in the past? OK, now there’s your answer. I suggest you and your fiancé create a list of your top five favors that relate to who you are as a couple. Next, how can you make these options come to life in a creative way? There are so many things you can do! You can run with some staple homemade jam or maybe a fun donut bar where guests can grab, bag, and go. Are you a sucker for a cute take home coffee mug or glassware? I know I am! You really cannot go wrong. Oh, and ask your planner for advice here. Trust me, they’ve seen it all!

YOU Cocktails

These are so fun! What I like about custom cocktails is that even though a lot of weddings today offer these, they always differ. Do you and your fiancé have a fave drink or two? Get creative here. If you have pups, name the drinks after your pups. Have a go-to bar or restaurant in town that makes a fun drink you love, recreate it. There are so many options here, it’s just about customizing it to YOU. Never thought cocktails could be so in depth huh?

Remembrance Table

There’s nothing like remembering your loved ones that couldn't be there for your big day. And, it makes you feel complete. There’s something so beautiful about knowing that your loved ones are there with you in spirit. For those looking to create a remembrance table, here are some things you can include: pictures, quotes/sayings, memory jar, etc. This can be completely unique to you and how you'd like to remember your loved ones.

In closing, couples tend to overthink when deciding the style of their wedding. What it comes down to is simply laying out the basics and asking the right questions.

As a bonus, I've attached my stress-free guide to help you and your fiancé enhance your vision of what your wedding will be like. Are you ready for a good brainstorm?